Our History

MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD carries out international transport of passengers in the country and abroad. With this activity we have been engaged since 1992 year. We offer to you, (our prospective customers) the opportunity to use our luxury buses, which are licensed and categorized according to the international Classification of Buses for tourism.

The company "MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD" holds a license from the Ministry of Transport Bulgaria № 10269, given for the international carriage of passengers by road for payment on the territory of the European Union. Pursuant to the provisions of Council Regulation (EEC) No. 684/92 and № 11/1998 year.

Enjoyable and hassle-free travel, with our buses, is guaranteed by their excellent technical condition and the high qualification and professionalism of the driving team. With his work "MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD" aims to offer the highest level of service to its clients and partners. The company owns the most preferred brands of buses in Bulgaria, thanks to which we receive the trust of our customers and maintain it with good service to the passengers.

For the time in which our company performs the transport activity, we managed to win a few partners, remaining satisfied with the service and tolerance of "MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD" company, always aiming for high quality, comfort and cosiness of the transport services.

We hope you can be useful for a pleasant, safe and comfortable trip with company MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD.

For our regular customers and Tour Operators the our company MONI 56 TRAVEL LTD offers preferential prices. Ask us for it